At Ferguson Waterworks, we take a customized approach to green infrastructure solutions.  We help customers attain their goals for improved water quality, protection or rehabilitation of their downstream natural resources, and meeting regulatory requirements for stormwater by finding the right combination of technologies from our offering of green infrastructure products, including: 

Subsurface water storage allows for smooth infiltration or controlled release of stormwater into native soil to reduce flooding.

Mechanical filters and screens provide superior protection from debris in surface infrastructure and subsurface systems.

Vegetated and media-based treatments cut down on pollutants entering the water table and feature smaller footprints that fit easily into spaces too small for traditional rain gardens or bioretention systems.

Media and biofiltration

By conveying water instead of repelling or shielding water, these alternative surfaces allow for shallow depth infiltration into native soils and reduction in catch basins, drains and piping.

Our focus is to help customers complete a successful green infrastructure project that not only looks good on day one but is resilient into the future with minimum maintenance. 

Green Infrastructure Solutions

Take the Urban Green

Infrastructure Challenge

Ferguson Waterworks is committed to helping municipalities and water authorities create a greener, more sustainable future. We're working to address a growing demand for low impact development and green stormwater and erosion control solutions by expanding our services and product offerings to reflect the needs of our communities. We have developed a suite of high performance, versatile, space efficient, cost appropriate and low maintenance solutions in the urban green stormwater infrastructure and low impact development space. In order to make these products more accessible, we're asking customers in New York and across New England to take the Green Infrastructure Challenge.

Given the varied and complex nature of municipal waterworks problems, clarity and attention to detail in the following areas will strengthen your application.

How will finalists be evaluated?
How the challenge works

Tell us what's wrong. First thing's first, define the problem. Engage with your residents, put together a clear Challenge Statement and submit by August 2, 2021

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Develop your proposal. We’ll select finalists by August 18. All finalists will receive a grant to develop their proposal further. Submit your final proposal by August 27, 2021

Implement your plan. We’ll select the final winner on September 8, 2021. The winner receives access to Ferguson’s vast network of resources, products and experts to take your plan from proposal to reality. We’ll provide resources and guidance over a two- to three-year timeline. 

What's the challenge?

Municipalities and soil and water conservation agencies in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Vermont can enter the Urban Green Infrastructure Challenge to win tailored project support and funding to execute plans for green infrastructure. 

Strategic Alignment

In the second stage, the proposal must be aligned with a larger vision for the community. It identifies any additional efforts you'll undertake to achieve the outcome.

Applicant Readiness

The proposal includes detailed plans for organizational structures, processes and practices you'll require to implement your ideas.

Appropriate Allocation

The plan reflect an appropriate use of finalist resources—including funds and products—to implement the proposal efficiently.

A Partnered Approach

The proposal identifies real and potential partners and clarifies their roles in planning and execution.  

The Challenge Statement

The Challenge Statement outlines the problem and how its resolution will provide measurable benefits and directly address the needs for improvement of impaired natural resources within a community.

AUG 2, 2021

AUG 27, 2021

SEP 8, 2021

Submit your proposal

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Define Problem/Proposal:

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 Green Infrastructure Plan)

Email UsSee Official Rules for additional details.Ready to take the challenge? Submit your Challenge Statement for your chance to win.